Custom cast letters are available in bronze, aluminum and brass with the same finishes and mounting methods as our standard cast letter styles.

Letter Thickness
Standard depths for custom cast letters are:

bullet1/4" Depth
bullet3/8" Depth

1/2" Depth


Letters cast in any of the standard depths will be cast solid, flat-backed.
Deeper letters will require special tooling and will be cast hollow, with return flanges.

Custom Prismatic or Round Faces
In addition to standard flat face letters, many letter styles can be successfully converted to a prismatic face through either CAD equipment or hand carved by a pattern maker.

In addition to prismatic faces, custom round-face letters are available in some letter styles.

Both prismatic & round-face letters are not recommended for letter sizes under 2" in height and may not be appropriate for all letter styles. Contact us before specifying.

Prismatic Round-face

Helpful Hints

bullet Generally, custom cast letter styles are not suitable for applications where the letter height is under 3".

bullet Letters over 24" in height are not normally produced economically in a custom cast letter.

bulletNot all typefaces lend themselves to prismatic or
round-face cast letters.

bulletA custom bronze letter is ideally suited for exterior use and will hold up better than brass letters.

bulletCustom logos or ligatures may be combined with any custom or standard cast letter. Be sure to order at the same time in order for the finish to be consistent on all items.

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