Cast Plaques provide an excellent and highly professional medium to identify building and institutions of all types.  Bronze plaques mounted to a triangular walnut wood mount provide an especially dignified personal nameplate as well.



Cast Plaques provide the most striking and lasting material to dedicate buildings, rooms, landmarks, parks, etc.





To  honor or memorialize people, groups, events and achievements, cast plaques are excellent selections. Honor rolls, such as those for past presidents, those killed in combat, etc., often take the form of a cast plaque.

Letter Styles

Cast plaques are photographically reproduced from typeset letter styles. As a result of this technology, practically any letter style (or artwork) can be incorporated into a cast plaque.

Border Styles

Borders on an etched plaque can refer to either the edges or corners in addition to an actual etched border. In addition to square and rectangular sizes, etched plaques can be machined and/or cut into a variety of shapes to fit into almost any design environment.

Divider Bars

Flat Relief line art designs can be included on a cast metal plaque for no additional charge.

Plaque Materials

Cast plaques are manufactured using sand molds in our state-of-the-art foundry from raw ingot alloyed in the following materials: Cast Bronze and Cast Aluminum.

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