A non-traditional layout reinforces graphics used throughout the park system and makes for a unique dedication plaque.



Combining raised and recessed letters in cast bronze creates a stylish dedication plaque.



Cast plaques are vandal resistant. The graphics cannot be scratched or removed, and the plaque cannot be destroyed.



When a building is named for a devoted leader, use a dedication plaque with a bas-relief portrait inside the entrance.



In an unusual reversal, the ivy leaf décor is inset into a recessed ring. A raised satin background accents recessed lettering on this historic dedication plaque.



Cast plaques can express a whimsical nature with line drawings, student artwork, or calligraphic lettering.



A polished bronze prismatic anchor attached to a bridge dedication plaque creates a multi-dimensional look.



Celebrate the opening of a new facility with a dedication plaque containing a flat relief rendering of the building.


Churches can use a bronze bas-relief portrait to pay homage to a cherished pastor.


A sculpted image of the building on a bronze dedication plaque reinforces the importance of the project to the community.



Traditional dedication plaques list names of people involved with the project and may include the construction team as well as any logos.



Cast aluminum can be used to create a contemporary plaque to complement the architecture of a new addition.



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