Cast metal plaques symbolize quality and prestige.



Dramatic combinations of flat and sculpted relief can be made from black & white artwork to create a memorable sign.



A color accent combined with the dark oxide stained background heightens the impact of this contemporary logo.



Cast bronze plaques with recessed lettering last much longer than etched or engraved brass signs, and can be installed outdoors.


When polished and chrome-plated, bronze has a mirror-bright appearance for a contemporary look.



A non-traditional sign shape combined with extra depth makes this plaque a stylish entrance sign.



Bronze nameplates on triangular walnut woodmounts accent the desks of professionals.



When durability is important, use cast metal. This plate is used on a yacht, subject to saltwater, heat and humidity!



A multi-level cast aluminum plaque can be enhanced with a pewter finish to accent the varied textures.



Separately cast prismatic squares accent the corners of this bronze bank identification sign.



High polished raised areas contrast with dark coloring in recessed lines to create a dazzling entrance sign.



Individual hole markers may include maps with yardage designations. Custom coloring displays water hazards, sand traps, fairways and greens.



Unusual textures, such as this pigskin football, can be reproduced in cast metal. The texture sharply contrasts with polished letters.



Use cast metal plaques as machinery nameplates for heavy equipment requiring durable identification.


Multiple colors with cast aluminum reinforce a corporate identity program.



A course map cast in bronze is well suited for outdoor display, withstanding all types of weather. Graphics are cast in relief for permanence and readability.



Airbrushed coloring on cast aluminum make this bank sign a work of art.



Decorative rosette covers complement the plaque design and conceal the hanging hardware.



Multi-dimensional images, textures and complex logos have a unique interpretation in cast metal.



For offices with changing personnel, add-on nameplates allow flexible identification in bronze signage.



Combine a standard enamel background color with bronze for a contemporary look.



Community & Government seals have a prestigious appearance in long-lasting cast bronze.



Granite inlay in bronze provides a colorful surface for walking on a plaque installed flush with the surface of an interior floor.



Combine traditional ornamental borders with contemporary graphics for a sense of style.



The contrast of textures accents the graphics on a natural sandblast bronze plaque.


Cast metal plaques convey elegance and distinction.



Cast bronze plaques are custom works of art that can complement the architecture of the building.



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